Chef Jason Reiner

We're excited to welcome Jason Reiner as Head Chef of the Rosemont Hospitality Group!

Chef Jason was born in Kitchener, Ontario, and raised in New Hamburg along with his siblings. After graduating high school he made his first trip to England, and while working as a bartender he developed an appreciation for the hospitality industry and the connections he made with his clients.

He also took a number of short trips to Europe, which included working holidays in England and Portugal. Upon his return, Jason became Sous Chef at Mono Cliffs Inn, where he completed his apprenticeship. A few years later, he was promoted to Head Chef and continued to refine his culinary skills.

Following the birth of his son, Jason made a change in the direction of his career, balancing family life while remaining in the hospitality industry as a Chef. After spending a few years at the Rosemont General Store and Kitchen, a new opportunity arose. With the Globe Restaurant now under the umbrella of the Rosemont Hospitality Group, Jason stepped up to the challenge of becoming Chef at both locations.

The Globe Restaurant welcomes Jason and knows that with him at the helm, clientele will continue to be delighted by the delicious menus he prepares. The highlight of this new adventure is the opportunity to introduce people to the fresh and local ingredients and producers that thrive in the area.