We are here for you 24/7 through the online Rosemont General Store and offering take out, delivery and curb side pick up.
Holiday Hours: Open Dec. 24th from 9am-5pm and Dec. 31st from 9am-4pm. Closed Dec. 25th, 26th and Jan. 1st. Table service at the Globe is closed.
Learn more from Sarah O'Born regarding our response to COVID-19 and review some commonly asked questions.

Fresh & Local Ingredients

The story behind our food originates in the fresh and local ingredients we carefully source. Knowing where each part of your meal comes from creates a unique connection between you and your food. We like to refer to this crafted relationship as hyperlocal food – dishes that relate back to and celebrate a small community and its people. We respectfully select our ingredients with intention, and showcase them in a way that highlights their natural beauty and taste. Healthy eating to us means knowing what you’re eating and feeling confidence in making sustainable food choices.

Community Partners

As proud members of the Rosemont community, we’re committed to building relationships with our neighbours and local community partners. This strengthens the region and helps to support and sustain local businesses and a vibrant farm to table culture. Everything from the butter we serve with our bread baskets to the ice cream served with our famous homemade pie has been carefully selected from local vendors. Learn more about the producers and vendors behind our seasonal menus.

Baked bread at The Globe Restaurant

In House Bakery

Our freshly baked bread is offered in house daily, made from scratch and baked in our original Hubbard Portable Oven! As The Globe has been passed down from owner to owner over the years, maintaining the quality and legacy of the restaurant's baked goods has always been a top priority and passion of the owners.

Farmer's market in Rosemont

Taste the Season

Our menus are heavily influenced by seasonal availability and the products that are accessible to us throughout the year from our partners and suppliers. This allows to highlight the delicious tastes and flavours unique to each season, while also keeping our menu fresh and imaginative. Learn what's available.


Hyperlocal is a term we like to use around here. It really just means that we work with our friends and neighbours to source the freshest goods as close to home as possible.