Taste the season

We believe that food tells the story of a region’s history, culture and people. Our guests enjoy an experience where they learn about, appreciate, and enjoy a meal that reflects our local cuisine. The story behind our food originates in the fresh and local ingredients we carefully source. Knowing where each part of your meal comes from creates a unique connection between you and your food. We refer to this crafted relationship as hyperlocal food. Celebrating our small community and its people.

Winter dishes at the globe restaurant

Our menus are heavily influenced by seasonal availability as well as products that are accessible to us throughout the year from our local partners and suppliers. Putting local and seasonal food first allows us to highlight the delicious tastes and flavours unique to each season, while also keeping our menu fresh and imaginative.

Despite what you might think even during the cooler winter months, Ontario farms have plenty of ripening produce. Thanks to mild year round climates and moderate winters in parts of Ontario cold hardy crops and winter greens thrive at farms across Ontario. Some of our favourite ingredients delivered to our kitchen from local farms include potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, apples and turnips. We love working with farms in the community - local produce is fresh and tastes better than food picked before ripening and shipped thousands of miles. This adds to the quality of our dishes and allows us to support our community at the same time .


Round Plains Plantation in Waterford, Ontario

Sweet Potatoes

Round Plains Plantation in Waterford, Ontario is named after the Norfolk community that thrived over 100 years ago and plantation meaning farm in the southern states, where sweet potatoes are so well known. Round Plans Plantation grows their sweet potatoes organically, using no chemicals, pesticides, fungicides or soil fumigants and only use organic fertilizer. Our kitchen uses Round Plains Plantation sweet potatoes in our seasonal soups

Hillside Gardens in Bradford, Ontario


Hillside Gardens in Bradford, Ontario has been farming for four generations in the rich muck soil of the Holland Marsh in Ontario’s Greenbelt. Their farm grows onions, carrots, turnips, beets and parsnips as well as heritage varieties of coloured beets and carrots, which are place-packed and shipped across Ontario and beyond. Our kitchen uses Hillside Garden’s carrots in many of our soups and dishes to add texture.

Am Braigh Farm in Orangeville, Ontario

Beets and Turnips

Am Braigh Farm in Orangeville, Ontario is dedicated to providing locally grown vegetables using organically sustainable methods. They strive to increase their soil fertility, lower their carbon footprint and build a strong vibrant local agricultural economy. Am Braigh is a Gaelic phrase meaning higher ground or upland – the farm’s name is inspired by the rolling hills of Headwaters and Dufferin County. Our kitchen uses Am Braigh Farm beets in our Beet and Barley Risotto and turnips as an accompanying vegetable to our entrees.

Thompson Potato Farm in Mount Albert, ON


Thompson Potato Farm in Mount Albert, Ontario originated in 1943 and is currently run by R.J and John Thompson. John was destined to sell potatoes ever since he was young, digging up his father’s potatoes and running them in a buggy down the road selling his potatoes to their neighbors! Thompson Potato Farm is dedicated to sustainable farming practices, using crop rotation to ensure soil nutrients are not depleted. Our kitchen uses Thompson potatoes in our hand rolled Potato Gnocchi Pomodoro.

Warner’s Farm in Beamsville, Ontario


Warner’s Farm in Beamsville, Ontario is a family farm run by Torrie Warner who managi the farm his grandfather founded in 1919. Born on the farm, Torrie began driving the tractor when he was seven years old. Located in the Niagara region thanks to a mild year round climate and winter fruit like apples grow incredibly well there. Committed to sustainable practices Warner’s Farm is one of the few orchards that doesn’t use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Our kitchen uses Werner Farms apples in our local favourite pies and crumble.

Ocean Wise Logo

The Globe Restaurant is proud to offer our guests sustainable seafood choices.

Overfishing is one of the biggest threats to our oceans. The Ocean Wise program makes it easy for you to select an ocean-friendly seafood choice. Experience ocean-friendly seafood in our Steelhead Trout ‘à la Meunière’, Pan-Fried Trout Cakes, and Niçoise Salad with Ontario Steelhead Trout dishes.

Albert's Leap Vaughan, Ontario

Albert’s Leap

Albert's Leap in Vaughan, Ontario is run by the Borgos family. The three Italian brothers have succeeded in making one of the finest Brie cheeses in Canada. Their award-winning brie is made using locally sourced milk in Orangeville, Ontario. Experience their artisan-crafted cheese in our oven-baked Brie dish.

Alliston Creamery Alliston, Ontario

Alliston Creamery

Alliston Creamery in Alliston, Ontario is a small, family-owned business. The Kennedy family has owned and operated the creamery since 1968, at that time producing about 600,000 pounds of butter per year. Alliston Creamery is one of the few creameries left in Ontario. Our kitchen uses their butter to accompany our housemade sourdough bread, as well as their Golden Dawn Unsalted butter exclusively for cooking and baking.

K2 Milling Beeton, Ontario

K2 Milling

K2 Milling in Beeton, Ontario is an artisanal flour mill that operates as a continuation of the Hayhoe family’s 127 legacy milling in Ontario. They have a truly unique milling technique that was developed in-house for Kraft milling to develop a high retention of flavor. They even produce their own energy on site! Our kitchen uses K2 Milling artisanal polenta for our Crispy Polenta dish roasted with wild mushrooms, tomato sauce and parmesan.

Van Groningen Farm Simcoe, Ontario

Van Groningen Farm

Van Groningen Farm in Simcoe, Ontario is a small family-owned farm that has been proudly serving Ontario families high quality meat since the 1970s. The four brothers specialize in small herd, high care beef that is never fed antibiotics, is fully traceable and is the first tenderness tested beef in Canada. Our kitchen uses Van Groningen Farm Beef in our famous “Globe” burger.

Wooley’s Lamb Simcoe, Ontario

Wooley’s Lamb

Wooley’s Lamb in Simcoe, Ontario raises 100% Ontario grass fed lamb on their beautiful lush pastures. Natural and nutrient rich grazing practices- similar to those found in rural United Kingdom, contribute to the unique tasty leanness of their lambs. Our kitchen uses their grass fed lamb in our Lamb Sirloin.

Woolwich Dairy Orangeville, Ontario

Woolwich Dairy

Woolwich Dairy in Orangeville, Ontario was established in 1983 producing delicious award winning goat cheese. With over 30 years of dedicated experience working exclusively with goat dairy, they have a love for Canadian goat farms, their animals and the fresh goat milk they produce. Our kitchen uses Woolwich Dairy goat milk in our Green Pea, Barley and Bacon Risotto. Likewise, their goat cheese is the star ingredient in our Mushroom and Goat Cheese Pâté.


Hyperlocal is a term we like to use around here. It really just means that we work with our friends and neighbours to source the freshest goods as close to home as possible.